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Universal Broker & Installation

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    Our Services

    Specializing in the installation of dispensing units across the U.S.

    What We Do

    Universal Broker & Installation provides an exceptional experience to the end-using customer. Our teams are professional and knowledgeable. We take pride no matter how small or large the project. Customer service is job #1!

    How We Do It

    We work with companies and facilities to establish high-quality dispenser installations that last. Each project, including the popular toilet paper dispenser installation service, takes into account not only the building itself but other aspects like staff requests and budgetary concerns. It’s a process that starts with our first visit to inspect and learn about the unique details that accompany each request. Here’s a closer look at what we provide:

    Pre-Installation Meeting

    UBI will discuss your project with you and fully understand your project goals before we get started on the planning. We’ll also be able to make dispenser manufacturer and product recommendations if needed.

    Site Survey

    Our team will perform a comprehensive site survey to see where your dispensers need to be located, and how to best assemble and position each dispenser. We’ll also be able to troubleshoot unique layout issues.

    Project Scheduling

    We’re available to schedule our services around your busy schedule and your daily operations. We can complete jobs outside of your working hours or we can provide installation with minimal disruption to your facility’s activities.

    Roll-Out Installation

    Our onsite installations are comprehensive at UBI. We install dispensers for paper products including toilet paper and paper towels, skincare products such as soap and sanitizer, and dilution systems for cleaning agents.

    Installation Tracking

    We take customer service seriously at UBI and we provide installation tracking services to ensure excellence in unit performance and accessibility. If there’s ever a problem, we can provide a tailored solution.

    Punch List

    If you’ve recently constructed a new facility or if you have yet to open your facility to the public, UBI is available to handle select punch list items that have not been completed by your general contractor.

    Dispenser Training

    UBI can instruct key members of your facility staff in the operation, care, and maintenance of your dispenser systems. From dispensed product replacement to upkeep, we guarantee our services to satisfy your needs.

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    Our team is ready to outfit your facility with all of your onsite dispenser needs. We take pride in serving both manufacturers and the end-user to deliver a rewarding experience for everyone.

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